DrupalCon Munich. Do samma!

Tomorrow the next European DrupalCon starts - in Munich!

My major points of interest this year are.. let me think :)

Fostering my personal site-building and development strategies.

  • In particular configuration mgmt is a topic, where I still look for a best practice. (In particular this session)
  • Panels, Context, Node as a Page - Best way for controlling the layout (In particular this session)
  • Theming. Can. Always. Be Improved. And good new idea will make it in our base template

Drupal 8

As the feature freeze is quite close, I guess there will be some sneak previews about how some new parts might look like. I am excited about Dries' Keynote (in particular curious about the Spark related videos) and also look forward to the presentation by Fabien Potencier (from Symphony)

Things to try out

  • http://realize.be/exporting-more-configuration-drush-ctools-export-bonus

Finally, my personal notes on the DrupalCon will be on my blog.