daDA Interface

For my Master's Thesis at Digital Media Bremen I developed a web-interface of the compArt database of digital art which is filled by Frieder Nake and his group.


What are the chances that arise for online applications in contrast to offline applications? As an interface for the compArt database of digital art is being developed, I examine this question within this thesis. The work focuses on the overall conception and realisation of the interface, hence it resides in the domain of interaction design. The specific design situation is influenced by the characteristics of the world wide web and in particular how collaborative and cooperative scenarios can be developed within. Furthermore, the process of exploratory searching is examined, with a focus on faceted browsing interfaces. A short excursus is made into the world of information visualisation, to see if these ideas can help. Finally, the developed interface is presented in detail and tested regarding its ease of use and usefulness. The implemented features are evaluated with the result that most features are seen to support cooperative information retrieval.




Screenshots and pictures

The faceted browsing interface for artworks which provides multiple filters
Zoom image
The detail view of an artist showing a preview of her artworks and more
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The dashboard showing the recent activities of the community
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