Hanse 1380

In a one year lasting project during the Master course at Digital Media Bremen we created a digital learning game for the German Maritim Museum in Bremerhaven. I was the project manager and also have written a paper summarising our results, which I presented at the EC-TEL conference in Nice, France. Read the abstract here:


In an one year lasting project at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven a digital learning game for the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven was developed. It is targeted to school pupils in the age between 10 and 14 and should explain the importance of the cog for trading activities between Hanse cities in the 14th century. More detailed learning objectives were defined through a survey with history teachers from Bremen. The historical research was done in cooperation with the museum. Another key-interest was the design and building of an easy-to-use and attractive computer terminal including a special control-interface for the game. The resulting game is evaluated in an user-test with 29 school pupil. It shows that the game makes fun and is easy to understand. Approx. 50% of the pupils achieved all learning objectives.

It is also included in the proceedings.




Screenshots and pictures

Image of historic Lübeck which was used as a guideline
Zoom image
The city of Lübeck in the game
Zoom image
When the player arrives in a city she can trade
Zoom image
The player chooses the next destination
Zoom image
The sailing is explained with hints that appear just-in-time
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The project team and the game terminal
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