Haus Binder

Another Drupal-based Website I made for a friend (yup, for free).

The family Binder is renting an apartment, which should be advertised online by this website. The site tries to be as simple as possibly in order to impress with an easy and simple to understand webpage. At the same time, the most important information is placed at the top. The pictures showing the apartment provide a quick and credible impression of what is awaiting the guest in the apartment. Furthermore a selection of links about activities in Gastein help the visitor to further plan her stay in Gastein.

It uses a (great) jquery plugin for the slideshow, which guarantees that if JavaScript is disabled a simple list of pictures remains.

Another little improvement of the experience is a dedicated print stylesheet, which ensures that on every print-out there are the contact details.



Screenshots and pictures

Haus Binder website
Zoom image
The photos of the apartments where made by me as well
Zoom image
A section about Gastein informes about what can be done in the region
Zoom image